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Where and how to contact an emerging Malagasy Digital Agency ?

One thing’s for sure: here’s where to contact Haytimi 😇.

Full Service Digital Agency in full expansion!

Our customers benefit from our commitment to meeting the most specific customer needs in terms of performance, online security and optimized processes.

Solving your problems with adapted methods and tools that are intimately linked to the Internet: that’s our credo.

We comply with the GDPR known as the General Data Protection Regulation (Europe) and embrace Agile methodology (Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban) in our workflow, Lean Management; even Waterfall is conceivable in certain special cases.
NB: For us, the GPDR is taking shape at the end of 2019 and we’re keeping an eye on the east to be able to comply.

News: in 2023, Auximad benefits from a website redesign thanks to Haytimi.
(work in progress)

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+261 34 54 838 60
Monday to Friday,
Open => 8:00 à 18:00 except monday
Madagascar (GMT+3)

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